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To successfully write a thematic essay response, a student must be prepared to take between 50-55 minutes writing an essay based upon a theme (topic). This essay is completely from your memory of the topic chosen for the essay by New York State Board of Regents. There are no documents to assist you in writing this essay unlike a DBQ essay.

The essay is scored from zero to five (0-5), and reflects certain requirements in order to achieve a solid score at each level. A student should learn those steps and/or requirements in order to achieve the highest score possible. The first place to start is the Generic Scoring Rubric. Understanding the Generic Scoring Rubric is the key for a successful essay since the Social Studies teachers grading your exam must use the same scoring rubric.

You may also use our Essay Writing Guide for reference as a step by step guide through the writing process.

To completely learn the writing process, follow the following links in order.

  1. Thematic Essay Generic Scoring Rubric
  2. Writing a Thematic Essay Introduction
  3. Writing Thematic Essay Body Paragraphs
  4. How to Analyze History Topics
  5. Writing a Thematic Essay Conclusion
  6. US History - Thematic Essays
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