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To successfully write a DBQ essay response, a student must be prepared to take between 45-60 minutes writing an essay based upon a DBQ Documents which revolve around a theme or a historical context. This essay is a combination of working with documents and information not contained in the documents. It is required to add information that is not contained in your documents in order to achieve a score higher than a two (2) out of five (5).

The essay is scored from zero to five (0-5), and reflects certain requirements in order to achieve a solid score at each level. A student should learn those steps and/or requirements in order to achieve the highest score possible. The first place to start is the Generic Scoring Rubric. Understanding the Generic Scoring Rubric is the key for a successful essay since the Social Studies teachers grading your exam must use the same scoring rubric.

You may also use our Essay Writing Guide for reference.

A DBQ Essay Graphic Organizer is available for a step by step guide through the writing process.

To completely learn the writing process, follow the following links in order.

  1. DBQ Document Strategies & Techniques
  2. DBQ Essay Generic Scoring Rubric
  3. Pre-Writing
  4. Transition Words
  5. Writing a DBQ Essay Introduction
  6. How to Analyze History Topics
  7. Writing DBQ Essay Body Paragraphs
  8. Adding Outside Information
  9. Writing a DBQ Essay Conclusion
  10. US History - DBQ Essays
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