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Welcome to the Turning Points Review in Global History. This review is designed to refresh your memory of historical Turning Points as well as dig deeper into the very essence of their importance to Global History. While the Turning Points you will be exploring is not a complete listing, they are the most important Turning Points in history that are most often recognized by historians. History is written by the victors but it is the ever changing and winding road of history with all of its twists and turns that make us who we are within the framework of that history. So, it is natural to look at history as a series of turning points which change the course of history for ever more. So..


Turning Points are turning point are a point at which a decisive change takes place or a point at which something changes direction. History has its turning points, and it is the study of these turning points which give history its character and understanding. Some turning points are monumental and some are small turning points within a larger historic context. One such example would be the suicide of Adolf Hitler in World War II, although he killed himself and therefore was no longer a factor in the war, the Germans were already in the final stage of their loss in the war.

Turning Point Practice

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