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The Following are Database Document Short Answer Question Quizzes designed for either a Do Now or an Exit Ticket. They cover a wide range of topics in Global History.

  1. Meiji Restoration
  2. Friars in the Americas
  3. Islamic Influence in the Songhai Empire
  4. Two Documents on Universal Rights
  5. John Locke's Advice on Government
  6. The Scientific Method
  7. Galileo's Views on Science
  8. Copernicus' Heliocentric Model
  9. Neolithic Revolution
  10. European Map Before & After WWI
  11. The Treaty of Nanjing
  12. Cultural Diffusion in China
  13. Socio-Economic Effects of the Black Plague
  14. Changes from the French Revolution
  15. The Napoleonic Code
  16. Impact of the Napoleonic Conquest of Europe
  17. Spanish Social Class System in the Americas
  18. Spanish Effects on Spanish American Colonies
  19. Mongol Effects on China
  20. Yalta Conference - Results of WW2
  21. Results of the Treaty of Versailles
  22. Results of the Crusades
  23. British Empire Map
  24. Results of the Industrial Revolution - "Devil Fish"
  25. Cold War Affected Cuba
  26. How Korean War Affected People in Korea
  27. How the Cold War Affected Berlin
  28. Results of the Hungarian Revolution
  29. Gandhi's Triumphs and Defeats
  30. Gandhi's Civil Disobedience
  31. The French Revolution After Robespierre
  32. Robespierre and the Committee for Public Safety
  33. Robespierre's Speech
  34. Atlantic Trade in the 18th & 19th Centuries
  35. La Casas on Spanish Laws
  36. Nuclear Threat to World Peace
  37. Weapons of Mass Destruction
  38. Efforts to Protect the Environment
  39. Addressing the Problems of Genocide
  40. Ottoman Empire Expansion
  41. Spanish Conquest of the Aztecs
  42. Role of Women in Sierra Leone
  43. Women in the Workforce 1914-1918
  44. British Railroads in India
  45. The Industrial Revolution
  46. Formation of Turkey from the Ottoman Empire
  47. Results of the Fall of the Roman Empire
  48. Jewish & Palestinian Nationalism
  49. Nationalism - Break Up or Unite
  50. English Bill of Rights (1689)
  51. African Government Response to Soweto
  52. The African National Congress
  53. Chinese Students Hunger Strike
  54. Tienanmen Square (1989)
  55. British Suffragette Movement
  56. Russia & Old Man Winter
  57. British Women's Suffrage
  58. Mercantilism & the Mother Country
  59. Economic Development in Mexico
  60. Principles of Communism
  61. British Imperialism in India with Railroads
  62. Caravel and the Age of Exploration
  63. The Green Revolution in Africa
  64. Technology Impact in the Green Revolution
  65. The Effects of Late Monsoons in India
  66. What is a Monsoon
  67. The Sahara Desert

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