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Summer School 2017 January 21, 2018 Template:NS USERNAME

Summer School 2017 - Scratch Summer School 2017 - Global IV
Teacher(s): Mr. Ott (Per 1) Teacher(s): Mr. Ott (Per 2)

Aim: Why are timelines a necessary skill for history?

Do Now: Periodization Worksheet

Lesson Overview:

Item Approx Time
Do Now 3-5 Min
Activity 30 Min
Discussion 10 Min


Lesson Content

Periodization - Putting events in chronological (time) period order.

Timeline - a representation of events in chronological (time) order.

Classwork & Homework

Lesson Activity:


Put Them In Order:

Fill in the Timeline:

Homework: Assignments

Special Education Modifications

  • Teaching Model: Co-Teaching
  • Special Education Teacher will work with All students General Ed and Special Ed.
    • Special Ed Students:
      • Teacher will read-aloud to students when necessary.
      • Teachers will break down assignments into smaller tasks.
      • Teachers will work with students on vocabulary acquisition by breaking down words into prefixes/suffixes and etymology.
      • Teachers will group students according to learning style inventory as a homogeneous group.
      • Teachers will keep students on-task by managing distractions and on-task behavior.
      • Teachers will modify note-taking by modeling notes from PowerPoint to chalkboard/whiteboard.
      • Teachers will differentiate lessons by using; verbal cues for auditory learners, graphic organizers for visual learners, and hands-on cues for tactile learners.
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